Lesson Plans


Grades 4-5
Subject Social Studies
Sunshine State Standards SS.A.6.2.2. - understands the influence of geography on the history of Florida


Many people are attracted to Florida because of its warm, subtropical climate. For most Floridians, a cold snap or freeze is at best a welcome change, and at worst a minor inconvenience. For those whose livelihood depends on agricultural crops, however, a freeze or frost can have a devastating impact of their lives and livelihood. This lesson will help students understand the importance of climatic changes on the agricultural industry and the industries importance to Florida's economy.


  1. Students will use primary source materials to find clues to the impact of climactic changes on Florida's citrus industry.
  2. Students will brainstorm ways growers can prepare for freezes.
  3. Students will analyze current economic data to understand the importance of the citrus industry to Florida's economy.

Materials and Preparation